Buying Glasses Accessorizes Vision

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Eye Glasses: The Most Important Accessory
Cheap eye glass framesBuying eye glasses can be a simpler process than one may think, with on-line tools available to help consumers understand their prescription, their face shape and the costs involved. The aesthetics of eye wear is also very important to those wearing the glasses. They will be the most important accessory worn all day! Not only will the eye glasses improve vision, but will also have the potential to flatter and accentuate facial features otherwise unnoticed. So how does one find a great pair of designer glasses at an affordable price? Some retailers will offer wholesale prices to their clients, while others will offer additional services and guarantees that put them above their competitors. Look for optical retailers that also offer free consultations – this is where expert advice is given about face shape and what shape of frames to get. The consultation will also go over lenses with the clients, providing them information about their lenses, coatings and what type of frames will best suit the lenses as well.
Frames Make the Style, Lenses Create the Vision
While the frames make the style, the lenses make up the functionality of the eyeglasses. There are many different weights and materials used. There are many different lenses that help for near-sightedness and far-sightedness, lenses that transition between prescriptions, (perfect and aesthetically pleasing alternative to bifocals.) Some are unbreakable for those who work in industry, are athletic and active or for children who are susceptible to breaking their lenses easier. There are different coatings applied that reduce UV damage to the eyes, reduce scratches and also to minimize light refraction. For those who use computers, or do a lot of driving, (especially at night) there are anti-glare coatings help to reduce eye fatigue. This reduces the chances of glaucoma or other eye conditions.
Ask about pricing before committing to a frame. While most promotions and deals are on the frames, and not the lenses, some retailers do offer promotions on lenses as well. Some retailers have been surprised by the final price tag once the lenses and coatings are in place along with the frames. There are some retailers who offer wholesale prices to their customers – do your price matching on-line at their web site and then take questions into the store and ensure the optician answers them clearly and concisely. It is possible to afford designer frames that complement the face and enhance vision for a reasonable price-tag.
Convenience, In About an Hour
Once the consultation is completed, and the lenses and frame types are picked up, it can be frustrating to wait for weeks for eye wear to return to the store for pick-up. Some retailers offer a one-hour service in which the lab is in-house. This is a much more convenient for the customer and creates a confidence in the optical retailers' ability to solve any issues a customer may have with their eye wear subsequent to the original purchase. Once the lenses and frames are finished, a trained optician fits the eye wear to make sure it sits level on the face.
Once a client leaves the optical retailer, it is important they feel secure and understand the warranty and return policy of the establishment.
Some offer a year-long frame guarantee. This will not apply to scratched lenses, only the frames. Also, quality retailers will offer follow up services including cleaning and adjustments for as long as the eye glasses are owned.